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The work presented here was completed for the Associated Students and Ethnic Student Center club Western Hmong Student Association. This work was completed in the Winter of 2016. This was my first public relations project and it shows ;)


Radio PSA

WHSA didn't have any type of branding guide put together, so my team and I helped in constructing one for them.

<What IS Hmong? (pause) That’s okay, I’m guessing you don’t know much about the Southeast Asian people. But did you know that there are Hmong students right here on Western’s campus? You also might not know that most Hmong youth aren’t so lucky – many don’t make it to college at all. Western Hmong Student Association, a new Associated Student’s club at Western, wants your help in promoting Hmong culture and education. WHSA:  Bridging Communities. Become an ally today by searching Western Hmong Student Association on Facebook.>

This combines a media backgrounder, a FAQ list and a pitch letter. Worked on by the whole team.

Brochure for the club to give to prospective members. This was a solo project.

Promtional poster. This was a solo project.

Promotional handbill. This was a solo project.

Promotional Flyer 

Flyer for the group's annual event College Night

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