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I'm a huge fan of poetry, short stories, novels, genre fiction – just about any form of creative writing under the sun.


In May of 2020 poet Sydney Vogl and I launched the Zoom reading series "Something Ordinary," and in October of 2021 poet Kevin Dublin, who worked on Something Ordinary, too, invited me to bring "The Living Room" to San Francisco. Now, alongside poet Lucie Pereira, we are running Kitchen Table at the Syzygy Cooperative.

"i sit in the bar and see my life as a still unfolding and expanding star" in the Brown Girl Surf zine 

"for 48 hours I get phone calls" in Quiet Lightning

"one year later" in Brave Voices Magazine

"Irving and 5th" in Street Sheet

"Yakima Canyon" in The Racket issue 31

"to be a gay" and "Crescent City 8:45 pm in July" in Quiet Lightning

"I watched the elephant seals get born" in Ghost City Press

"the spiral of time" in 3 Moon Magazine

"as minneapolis bleeds"
in sparkle and blink issue 106

"as minneapolis bleeds"
(podcast recording) in It's Lit episode 119

"One More for Pecos Bill" (podcast recording) in It's Lit episode 116

"Irving & 5th" in The Racket Issue 14

"Totally Wonderful" in Nightbirds Vol. 4, 826 Valencia
"the roadtrip where you become glass" in Feral Poetry

"Prepping" in FORUM

"at some rodeo," "when men tell me," and "Canine Estates" in Harpy Hybrid Review

"Sheltered in place" in The Racket Reading Series' Quarantine Journal

"A Phone Call with Grandma Floy in May", "Sheltered in place", and "An Opportunity" in Something Ordinary (video –>)

"my mother's son" in The Headlight Review

"Built Fence" and "A Snake Song" published in "Washington's Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology"

"I, Jurassic" recipient of the 2019 Bindle Award by Nomadic Press

"I, Jurassic" published in and performed with Bay Area Generations #66

"Fret" published in "Nightbirds Vol. 1" by 826 Valencia

"Anderson" published in "Nightbirds Vol. 2" by 826 Valencia

"Two Storms Storming" published in "America's Emerging Poets 2018: Pacific Region" by Z Publishing House

"This Era" published in "Washington's Emerging Writers: An Anthology" by Z Publishing House
Published by Western's Women's Center in "Labyrinth"
2015 and 2016
"Apples and Pigs" published in "From Bellingham with Love" Vol. 3


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Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 3.13.12 PM.png

Short Stories

"A Portrait in Ochre" by Standart Magazine

"Hxvana" by Flash Fiction Magazine

"Pink Singularity" by Riggwelter Press

"We Will" read at Nick's Lounge, 2/23/19
"Trust and Tecate" by formercactus

"May 2016" by After the Pause

"Stoves" by Headway Literary

"Bedlam" by (mac)ro(mic)ro

"Blue Velvet,"
"Old Love Letters, New Lovers" Competition Winner by WordLitZine

"Comet" in Nightbirds Vol. 3, 826 Valencia


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"Familial Animals" with Animal Heart Press

"Sword in the Darkness" with Wipf and Stock Publishers

"Eight Gods Book I: Green Dragons" with Village Books and Paper Dreams

"Judas: America Bound" with Alban Lake Publishing


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Paolo Bicchieri Sell Sheet.jpg


Look for the book in the following locations:

Ellensburg, WA:

Pearl Street Books, (509) 925-5678

Jerrol's, (509) 925-9851

Bellingham, WA:

Village Books, (360) 671-2626

Alternative Library,

Seattle, WA:

Queen Anne Book Company, (206) 284-2427

Left Bank Books, (206) 602-0195

Globe Bookstore, (206) 682-6882

Spokane, WA:

Auntie's Books, (509) 838-0206

San Francisco, CA:

Dog Eared Books (Valencia), (415)-282-1901

                                (Castro), (415)-658-7920

Alley Cat Books, (415) 824-1761

Borderlands Books, (415) 824-8203

Green Apple Books (Inner Sunset), (415) 742-5833

                                    (Inner Richmond), (415) 387-2272

Adobe Books, (415) 864-3936

Bound Together Bookstore, (415) 431-8355

Berkeley, CA:

Books, Inc, (510) 525-7777

Point Reyes Station, CA:

Point Reyes Books, (415) 663-1542

For reading online:

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If you prefer to write a check or use cash, send me an email in the CONTACT section of the site so we can figure it out. Thank you!

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