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The sales of the print edition go to local nonprofits. 


Ellensburg and Central Washington sales support Valley Musical Theater.


Bellingham and Upper Left sales support Community to Community.


Seattle sales support Real Change.



Transport yourself to an agricultural and sleepy world. It is a 

combination of dusty, arid places and cloudy, tree-filled places. One side of this land is a coast full of sailors and fish. Unexplored forest crowds through the towns in patches. The other side is an earthen wall of mountains, adventurous and powerful. 


This world is sprawling but it feels small, and it is familiar and kind. The history of the people is bereft with violence, revolution and forgotten pasts. And the big city is a mysterious place. The government is not what it may seem. People are not always sure who to trust.


Second Captain of the Caprican Army Porter Rosset doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand many things, and has a lot of questions, and it is time for his journey through new lands and old preconceptions to begin. His party forms, allies emerge, narratives shift and foundations begin to crumble.  As the mystery of the Eight Gods unfolds, what will become of the world?


If some sounds familiar, and some sounds exciting, you will enjoy Eight Gods: Green Dragons. This book is a work of adventure and fantasy, 

dealing with today’s issues, written for the modern times we face. Young adult fantasy, speculative fiction and sci-fi and adult readers will all enjoy this tale of battle, exploration, conquest and comradery. 


Full of mystical and divine creatures and beasts, contemporary narratives and unknown peoples facing their long-held truths again and again, this first installment in the Eight God series is an important piece of epic, fun fantasy for any reader. 



Eight Gods Book I: Green Dragons First Edition Print

  • If you have purchased this book here, then please email and let me know how best to get it to you! I can deliver books and I can mail, of course :)

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