Short Stories

"A Portrait in Ochre" by Standart Magazine

"Hxvana" by Flash Fiction Magazine

"Pink Singularity" by Riggwelter Press

"We Will" read at Nick's Lounge, 2/23/19


"Trust and Tecate" by formercactus

"May 2016" by After the Pause

"Stoves" by Headway Literary

"Bedlam" by (mac)ro(mic)ro

"Blue Velvet,"

"Old Love Letters, New Lovers" Competition Winner by WordLitZine

"Comet" in Nightbirds Vol. 3, 826 Valencia




"Sword in the Darkness" with Wipf and Stock Publishers

"Eight Gods Book I: Green Dragons" with Village Books and Paper Dreams

"Judas: America Bound" with Alban Lake Publishing

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"the roadtrip where you become glass" in Feral Poetry

"Prepping" in FORUM

"at some rodeo," "when men tell me," and "Canine Estates" in Harpy Hybrid Review

"Sheltered in place" in The Racket Reading Series' Quarantine Journal

"my mother's son" in The Headlight Review

"Built Fence" and "A Snake Song" published in "Washington's Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology"

"I, Jurassic" recipient of the 2019 Bindle Award by Nomadic Press

"I, Jurassic" published in and performed with Bay Area Generations #66

"Fret" published in "Nightbirds Vol. 1" by 826 Valencia

"Anderson" published in "Nightbirds Vol. 2" by 826 Valencia

"Two Storms Storming" published in "America's Emerging Poets 2018: Pacific Region" by Z Publishing House

"This Era" published in "Washington's Emerging Writers: An Anthology" by Z Publishing House


Published by Western's Women's Center in "Labyrinth"

2015 and 2016


"Apples and Pigs" published in "From Bellingham with Love" Vol. 3


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