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ONE Bites

Preston Beck, CEO & Founder of ONE Bites



I’ve had the pleasure to work with Paolo both within my business and while he was considering and started down the path to build his own business. The fact that Paolo was pursuing his own business speaks volumes to his drive and his vision spoke to pursuing business for a higher purpose – to serve others. In addition to hearing about his ambition in his private pursuit I found out Paolo has a huge passion for writing and journalism. I am an owner of a business and lack this skill set (and passion), so I worked with Paolo to produce a product catalog for me that I still proudly use to this day. Paolo is excellent at communicating, which includes listening and understanding my perspective and because of this, it was only a couple of iterations and some minor tweaks for Paolo to convey my products extremely well in layout and in content. My product pamphlet has some attention grabbing lines at the front, beautiful aesthetics, and some sassiness to wrap it up. I couldn’t ask for more in communication skills (both in vision development and in the actual conveying of my message through content), personability, accountability (very transparent with where he is at and any challenges), and follow through. I highly recommend Paolo for any position as I know his skills and desire to grow will make him a success in whatever he chooses to do.

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